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Deer Reaper

Doe in Estrus
Deer Reaper Doe in Estrus Scent:
This formula is taken from a doe in estrus.  Our scents have no preservatives in them.  Our scents are taken from the deer, bottled, and sent to you so you know that you are getting the freshest scent available. Comes in a 2oz glass bottle. Directions and Use: Spray 3 or 4 times on hand warmer or cotton ball.  Place downwind from tree stand or ground blind where you want the deer to come to for a shot. Warning, do not spray on clothing, deer may attack you!!
Price $ 9.99

Bleat Can
Deer Bleat Can:
Deer Bleat Can Directions: Just simply turn call upside down and back up for a perfect doe bleat every time.  Works during all phases of the rut, and deer seasons.
Bleat Can Price $ 7.99

Mr. November
Mr. November Grunt Tube:
Directions for use: For Hard Core Buck Grunts, just simply blow into the call, and you will reproduce the Hardcore Buck Grunts.  To reproduce the Desperate Doe
Estrus Bleat, just simply push the button. This call is easy to use and comes with camouflage lanyard
 Price $ 14.99

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Grunt Tube

Doe Bleat
Camo Dipped Calls

All calls can be Camo Dipped


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